Skincare Sunday: Pixi Glow Glycolic Boost sheetmask

By lipcolourmatch 15 December 2019
Skincare Sunday: Pixi Glow Glycolic Boost sheetmask

If there is one company that’s prominently riding on the current trend to have glowy, readiant skin, then it must be Pixi. The skincare aisles at my local department store have a wide selection of various serums, toners and creams all promising to make you dewier and glowier in one way or another. Pixi also seems to have a “clean beauty” makeup line with tinted lip balms, lip & cheek sticks, lipsticks, glosses and some eyeshadows.

Ever since I fell down into the YouTube clean beauty rabbit hole, I’ve been quietly lusting to try out some pixi products. I finally gave in and bought a pack of the GLOW Glycolic Boost sheetmasks. Based on the blurb on the packaging, the mask’s serum is infused with glycolic acid, ginseng (is this the stuff that started cropping up in energy drinks in the early 00s?) and witch haze. The blurb in the back recommends to “store in a fridge for a refreshing and depuffing effect” and that’s exactly what I did.

I popped the sheemask container into the fridge for around 15-20 minutes and then took it out. The mark inside was nice and cool. It didn’t have those wasteful, transparent protective layers that are often a plenty in these kinds of products. Bonus points for Pixi. The makeup and skincare industry is already awash with unnecessary packaging. A sheetmask without a ton of transparent plastic protectors is something I’ll always choose over something that’s wrapped up in plastic from head to toe (looking at you Lancome and Sephora sheet masks).

The cool sheetmask feels pleasant on the face and the 10-15 minutes you are required to wear it will pass quickly. The mask leaves a rather sticky layer of serum as it comes off and you are apparently supposed to pat this into the face. I let mine air dry.

The mask is not terribly hydrating (I suppose that’s not its purpose), so you can feel a bit of tightness on the skin after the serum dries. There does appear to be a faint shine/sheen on the skin. Perhaps this is the glow the mask advertises?

In either case, I like this as a bit of relaxation. It’s a nice 15 minutes of cooling rest. Whether or not it’s truly effective in making the skin glowy, I don’t know. As always with skincare products, your mileage may vary quite a lot. Unfortunately, Pixi doesn’t offer samples of just one mask where I live and they only come in packs of three, so if you want to try this out, you will have to get the whole pack.