MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Mousse colour analysis and potential dupe shades

By lipcolourmatch 16 November 2019
MAC Cosmetics Matte Lip Mousse colour analysis and potential dupe shades

Cover image is a screenshot from the MAC Cosmetics Pony Park collaboration site.

MAC Cosmetics has recently ventured into the world of k-beauty with a collaboration with the makeup artist Park Hye-Min. One of the lip products released as part of this collection is a line of Matte Lip Mousse products - a kind of liquid lip that gives a very natural, feathered look to the lips.

The colour story of the Lip Mousse collection features classic reds, bright fuscias, pinky corals, deep burgundys and rosy mauves. We recently added the colours in the Matte Lip Mousse collections to the search engine. This means that the lip mousse collection will be a part of the colour search results (the results you get when you search for products using the colour wheel) and you will also be able to search for colour dupes.

Love is Blind


Similar shades to Love is Blind found on

For example, similar shades to the Lip Mousse product in the colour Love is Blind are Revlon’s HD Addiction and Rimmel’s 210 Rose and Shine (you can watch Bailey Van Der Veen swatch Rose and Shine in her video here). The colour similarity algorithm also recommends Kat Von D’s Bauhau5 as a potential colour dupe, but examining the swatches online it appears that this shade layers on as a more opaque colour and so looks like a deeper, more intense pink than Love is Blind.

Off the Record


Similar shades to Off the Record found on

Off the Record, a colour that already appears to be sold out on the MAC Cosmetics website, is described as a deep wine red, but looking at the swatches on the models, the pigment payoff of the mousse appears to be slightly more sheer, which makes the colour appear slightly more pinkish than one might expect from a deep red wine.


Off the Record is described as a deep wine red, but appears a bit more feathered out on the lips. Image Source

The colour search engine lists Dose of Colour’s Talk is Chic as a potential dupe. The colour shade does appear similar, but Talk is Chic is more opaque than Off the Record and hence appears as a more intense, deeper, almost raspberry colour.

Another suggested dupe is the colour Evil Queen by LASplash. You can see a swatch sample of this colour in this YouTube video by Boozyshop and based on the visual in the video, it does appear to be quite similar to the light, feathered, diluted red wine colour of Off the Record.

Stone’s Throw


Similar shades to Stone’s Throw from

Another colour that appears to have been popular is Stone’s Throw. Listed as Sold Out on the MAC website, this colour is a deeper dark burgundy shade and definitely a departure from the red and coral colour theme of the rest of the shades in the lip mousse collection. Although it looks quite dark in the product image, the lip swatch shows that the pigment is not quite as intense on the lips. Instead of a very opaque dark burgundy pigment, it appears like a beautiful, feathered out berry shade on a lighter skin and a slightly berry-plum on a darker skin.


Screencap of Stone’s Throw by MAC on a lighter-skinned model appears as a beautiful berry stain. Source


Screencap of Stone’s Throw by MAC on a darker-skinned model appears as a beautiful plum/red-wine stain. Source

The shade matches suggested for Stones’s Throw are L’Oreal’s matte liquid lipstick in colour 366 Stirred, Gerard Cosmetics’ matte metallic liquid lip in colour Cristini and Smashbox’s matte liquid lip in colour Miss Conduct. Although, the pigment colour appears to be the same, L’Oreal’s formula appears to be more opaque matte than the lip mousse and so the colour comes out as a much deeper burgundy than Stone’s Throw.

BoozyShop Cristini

Boozyshop swatch of Gerard Cosmetics’ matte metallic liquid lip in colour Cristini. Source

Although there is a hint of metallic shimmer in Cristini, based on the swatch in this video by Boozyshop the lipstick appears to produce the same slight berry effect as Stone’s Throw with a slight metallic twist.

Miss Conduct by Smashbox (featured in this YouTube tutorial by KireiMakeup) appears to be the same pigment as Stone’s Throw, but due to the more opaque matte finish, the colour comes out as a true, very pigmented burgundy red instead of feathered plum-berry effect achieved by the lip mousse.

It will be exciting to see if other staples of the Western cosmetics brand scene will dive into the k-beauty lip mousse trend!