Out of this world - part 1

Jeffree Star launched his new Alien collection a few weeks ago and the interwebs have been a buzz checking out some of the weird, exciting lipcolours in the collection and trying to find dupes! We’ve also been on the lookout for the new Alien collection and have been running some of the colour swatches through the lipcolourmatch.com lipcolour search engine to find potential shade matches and dupe suggestions! Below are some highlights from our dupe hunting expedition!

Jeffree Who?


A swatch of Jeffree Who? on a light skin tone. Source: jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Jeffree Who? is a rosy pink colour and the tea is that it’s a close match to Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lip in the shade Jeffree (now discontinued?). Because our database does not have a swatch for Jeffree from KvD, we can’t confirm this rumour, but we do have a few close matches! Let’s dive right into them! Coloured Raine’s matte liquid lip in colour Sorbet seems to be a pretty close dupe to Jeffree Who?, although it may perhaps be a bit of a darker rosy shade.


Coloured Raine’s matte liquid lip in colour Sorbet swatched on a lighter skin tone. Source: colouredraine.com

Using lipcolourmatch.com, we can also search for dupes that are a close match in colour, but perhaps are lipsticks or lip glosses. Checking the ‘Match on colour only’ box will give us all products that are close colour shade matches to Jeffree Who? without restricting ourselves to just matte liquid lips. Using this search, we find that the Covergirl Katy Kat lipstick in colour Magenta Minx is a close colour match.

magenta minx Covergirl’s matte lipstick in colour Magenta Minx. Source

If you’re looking for a matte liquid lip that’s similar in shade to Jeffree Who?, but perhaps a bit of a lighter pink, check out Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy matte liquid lip in colour Pink Zink.

estee-pink-zinc Pink Zinc by Estee Lauder. Source: esteelauder.com

Another candidate, though with stronger bluish and purplish tones, is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lip in colour “Mother”.


Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in colour Mother by Kat Von D. Source



A swatch of Jeffree Star Triggered on a lighter skin tone. Source:jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Triggered is a dark burnt plum with a thin layer of shimmer and sparkles. Running the colourswatch through lipcolourmatch.com gives us some close colour matches.

Searching for dupes that are close matches in shade and colour gives us several results: among them Lime Crime’s matte liquid lip in the colour Nightshade, though it appears to be more on the bluish side.

lime-crime-nightshade Lime Crime’s Nightshade on a lighter skin tone. Source: limecrime.com

Another similar shade, appears to be Urban Decay’s comfort matte liquid lip in the colour Blackmail - although the brand’s product website does not have a swatch try-on for comparison.

ud-blackmail Urban Decay’s Comfort Matte liquid lip in the colour Blackmail. Source

If you want a similar colour to Triggered with the added shimmer, Urban Decay’s comfort matte metallic liquid lip in the colour Delusional might be a good one to swatch!

ud-delusional Urban Decay’s metallic liquid lip in the colour Delusional. Source

Can’t Relate

can't relate Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lip in colour Can’t Relate. Source: jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Can’t Relate is an opaque, matte light nude colour. When we ran this swatch through the colour search engine, there were several close matte liquid lip matches. One of them is Charlotte Tilbury’s matte liquid lip in colour Best Actress.

best actress Charlotte Tilbury’s Best Actress. Source: charlottetilbury.com

Best Actress is a matte liquid lip, but a slightly more translucent beige than Can’t Relate.

silk indulgent NYX Lip Lingerie in colour Silk Indulgent. Source

In the drugstore/pharmacy brands, a close colour match appears to be NYX’s Lip Lingerie in the colour Silk Indulgent. More matches are available on lipcolourmatch.com.