November Reds

Cover Photo Kat Von D’s Nosferatu (Nuhz Fur Atoo on some packaging) is a deep dark red with a matte finish and a very light texture.

Hello everyone! November is here and for me this is the month to start wearing beautiful shades of red. My two go-to shades for this November are MAC’s matte lipstick in Russian Red and Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Nosferatu (also spelled Nahz Fur Atoo on some packaging). Russian Red MAC’s Russian Red is a classic deep red colour. The formula is powdery matte, which feels creamy when first applied, but can feel a bit drying after a few hours of wear.

Nosferatu Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lip in the colour Nosferatu is a deeper darker red than Russian Red and dries down to a lightweight and very durable lipstain. It does tend to be even more drying than MAC’s matte lipstick formula.

While testing the functionality of the lipstick colour search engine, I noticed that these two shades are quite close together in the search engine results if you exclude the fact that they are different product types (ie. one is a lipstick, the other a liquid lip) from the search engine configurations.

onlycolour The search engine allows you to search for dupes and use only shade/colour similarity as the search criteria. Otherwise the lipcolour search engine will by default also match on the finish (ie. matte, satin, shine) and product type (lipstick, lipgloss, liquid lip etc).

comparison A side by side comparison of dupe search engine results for Nosferatu and Russian Red

As a result, I wanted to test out how well the search engine results would pan out in real life. In other words, how close of a colour dupe is MAC’s Russian Red to Kat Von D’s Nosferatu.

swatches Side by side swatch comparison of Russian Red and Nosferatu - as you can see Nosferatu dries down to a darker shade of red than Russian Red.

As you can see from the swatch comparison images, Nosferatu dries down to a deeper, darker red than Russian Red. Because Nosferatu is a liquid lip, it also has a more matte finish than Russian Red and thus reflects less light - appearing slightly darker. Personally, I tend to choose Russian Red for daily wear, because the creamier formula is a bit easier on the lips than the drier Nosferatu. However, overall, Nosferatu is easier to apply neatly and lasts for a super long time.